How To: Pick the Next Destination

My bucket list seems to be infinitely growing. As soon as I cross a place off, I add three more. For a results-oriented person, you would think this would bother me, but it’s what I love most about traveling. You fall in love with exploring and interacting with new people over and over again. It’s a “bug” that you just can’t shake.

So how do I pick my next spot to travel to given the infinite options? Here are some tips to make your next getaway unforgettable.

What Are You Seeking

It is important to understand the “why” behind your travel bug. Are you looking to explore a new destination and head out on an adventurous exploration? Or are you looking for some much-needed R&R and would prefer to lie on the beach, cocktail in hand? Be honest with yourself!

Know Your Audience

I have traveled alone, with a friend, with a group of people, with family, and with a partner. All of these experiences have been completely different. If you’re traveling alone, you only have to take your wants and needs into consideration. However, if you are traveling with others, be sure to discuss your goals and expectations for the trip before you plan it. Be open-minded as being pushed a bit out of your comfort zone can open your eyes!


Budget is always a huge factor in traveling. Are you looking to splurge on 5-star hotels or prefer to save at hostels? Want to check out the latest Michelin-starred restaurant or are you content with street food? Set limits for yourself in all categories, such as lodging, eating, drinks, transportation, activities, and shopping. Knowing your budget will keep you in line during your trip and allow you to return home with nothing but a smile.


How much time are you looking to spend away? Just the weekend? Or taking a full week off work? For shorter trips, closer destinations are preferred so you don’t waste as much time on a plane. (Some advice I should heed, as I have spent a long Memorial Day Weekend headed to Singapore!)


Be sure to check out the different climates of the places on your list, especially if you’re heading to the opposite hemisphere. Know if you want some more Vitamin D or are looking to layer up – this will also be key for packing.


Did your coworker tell you about a hidden gem deep in the forests of a country you can’t pronounce? If you are typically nervous about blazing new trails and can’t stand to be without Wi-Fi, maybe that isn’t the trip for you. Understand the type of amenities that are offered where you are going and what personal luxuries and customs you just can’t live without.

As the saying goes, you only regret the things you didn’t do. Uncover that adventurous spirit and get out there!

xx Jet Set Steph

2 Replies to “How To: Pick the Next Destination”

  1. There’s a thread in the frequent flyer group I spend way too much time in, about how technology has ruined the travel experience. The old-timers talk about the wonderful discoveries made because they got lost.

    I’d still rather not get lost in a strange city, but serendipity can be a great thing. I subscribe to a couple of cheap flight websites, and if a great bargain comes up – like a mistake fare – I can take it and see a place I may not have planned.

    My very first big trip was a spur of the moment thing and I loved it!

    1. I definitely agree, Pete. I am of the mindset that it is you alone that allows technology to be a positive rather than an overwhelming force. You should use it to assist in your planning, booking, capturing of your travel, but also understand the importance of being in the moment and seeing things for as they are.

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